When my schedule permits, I am able to take on comissioned paintings or commercial art projects (illustration).


Do you have a project in need of visuals or a work of art I can create for you? Please use the form to describe your project and how I can assist you. I will be in touch at my earliest convienience. Thank you.

"How does it work?"

If you are unfamiliar to working with freelance artists, this is how I operate:


First, I will access your inquiry and contact you for futher details. I will calculate my workload and present you with my price quote.


If we move forward, I will draft a contract of my terms and send you a copy to review and sign. Once completed, half the funds (50%) are required prior to me starting your project.


Once received, I will move into the design phase to visually develop what you are looking for. When you are pleased with the design, a quarter (25%) of the remaining funds are required to move into the final stage (finished product).


Once completed, the remaining funds (25%), along with any shipping charges if applicable, are due. Once received, I send you the final hi-res version or physical artwork (depending on the nature of your project).


I do not operate on a contingency or speculation basis.


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