Hell in a Handbasket
Hell in a Handbasket 10.25" x 9.5" (image), 11.75" x 12.25" (including frame)
Colossal Food Fight
Colossal Food Fight acrylic on skateboard, 32" x 8.5"
Masquerading (SOLD)
Masquerading (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 10" diameter
Undeterred (SOLD)
Undeterred (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 16"x20"
Cat Out of the Bag
Cat Out of the Bag acrylic on masonite, 13.5"x17.5" (image), 16"x20" (including frame)
The Early Bird
The Early Bird acrylic on masonite, 8.5"x10.5"
All You Can Eat (SOLD)
All You Can Eat (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 18"x18"
The Patron of Laughter (SOLD)
The Patron of Laughter (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 11.25"x17.5"
Victual acrylic on masonite, 10"x12" (image)
One Voice, One Heart, One Song (SOLD)
One Voice, One Heart, One Song (SOLD) acrylic on skateboard, aprox: 8.5" x 32"
Up Your Arson! (SOLD)
Up Your Arson! (SOLD) acyrlic on masonite, 10"x14"
The Binary Bovine
The Binary Bovine acrylic on masonite, 19.25" x 27.25"
Parade of Imbeciles
Parade of Imbeciles acrylic on wood panel, 36"x24" (40"x28", including frame)
Taming the Wolf (SOLD)
Taming the Wolf (SOLD) 10" x 8", acrylic on wood panel
There is Nothing Left to Destroy (SOLD)
There is Nothing Left to Destroy (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 12"x6"
The Great Apparition Run
The Great Apparition Run acrylic on masonite, 26.5"x19.75"
Till The End
Till The End acrylic on masonite, 22.25"x19.25"
Ice Scream
Ice Scream acrylic on masonite, 18"x23"
Gremlins (SOLD)
Gremlins (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 14"x11"
Responsibility acrylic on wood panel, 12"x16
The Pizza Cutter
The Pizza Cutter acrylic on panel, 10.5" diameter
Huckleberries (SOLD)
Huckleberries (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 8"x10"
GUMBO acrylic on wood panel, 12"x16"
Intimation 16"x8, acrylic on wood panel
Reward & Punishment
Reward & Punishment acrylic on wood panel, 10"x 8"
The Rainbow Salesman (SOLD)
The Rainbow Salesman (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 8"x10"
The Memory Thief (SOLD)
The Memory Thief (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 12"x12"
Nightmare Sauce (SOLD)
Nightmare Sauce (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 12"x12"
Confection acrylic on wood panel, 8"x10"
Countdown (SOLD)
Countdown (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 8"x10"
Dollars & Snakes (SOLD)
Dollars & Snakes (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 11.75"x13.5"
Celestial Hands (SOLD)
Celestial Hands (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 8"x10"
Creating A Monster (SOLD)
Creating A Monster (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 16" diameter
The Devil is in the Details (SOLD)
The Devil is in the Details (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 8"x10"
Fleeting Focus (SOLD)
Fleeting Focus (SOLD) acrylic and aerosol on wood panel, 12"x12"
Bride of Boopenstein (SOLD)
Bride of Boopenstein (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 18"x20"
Gift of Folly
Gift of Folly acrylic on masonite,11"x14"
THAT LAUGH! (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 20"X24"
Sunny Side Corrupt
Sunny Side Corrupt acrylic and gouache on masonite, 21"x30"
Cereal Siege (SOLD)
Cereal Siege (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 20"x24"
The Whoville Massacre
The Whoville Massacre acrylic on wood panel, 18"x20"
Saint Felix (SOLD)
Saint Felix (SOLD) acrylic on masonite, 18.5"x22.5"
The Boastful Ghost (SOLD)
The Boastful Ghost (SOLD) acrylic, ink and gouache on wood panel, 18"x18"
Night of the Grimace (SOLD)
Night of the Grimace (SOLD) acrylic on wood panel, 9"x12

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