jon-no doo-why-run

I am a former animator who now works as a freelance illustrator and fine artist. In 2017, I was featured on the Space channel as an artist to watch.

Artist Statement:

I am largely amused by how cartoons and popular culture have influenced generations of children in ways no one ever really intended. As I was introduced to cartoons or rediscovered them as an adult, I related to them more on issues that are relevant to me now. These comparisons have become the inspiration for my paintings. While cartoons are often my subject matter, I think a unifying theme of my work is a sense of displacement.

I foremost see myself as a storyteller and feel a responsibility to create paintings that are both entertaining and memorable. My education in hand drawn animation taught me how to make purposeful and emotional drawings. That lead to me now creating narrative cartoon paintings in an academic style with acrylic paint. I extend the drying time of acrylics by mixing paints on top of water resistant paper that sits on a flat sponge in a butcher tray. I work in a visual style many in the art world refer to as 'Low Brow art' or 'Pop Surrealism'. I like the term 'Pop Symbolism' to describe the work I create, as I portray elements of popular culture infused with hidden meaning.


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